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i just couldn't help myself...

On my HPFF account - elegantphoenix - I started this story called French Charm and I just couldn't help myself when the opportunity arised and I realized that I could post a little snippet of it HERE!!! I am really proud of my story now and the lovely reviews have given me such a confidence boost it's ridiculous. So if you're here reading this from the forums, then I'll say that the rest of the chapter will be up in about a week after clean-up is finished (I'm not putting the entire thing up because who wants to spoil surprises!?). And if you're here from LJ... well, you probably have no idea what this about and should go to HPFF and look up the story and read the first chapter :)

Anyway, now that I'm done rambling... Click Here To Read The Snippet!Collapse )Intrigued? Interested? Excited? Then you deserve a cookie !


bm: chapter thirteen

Hello again, my dearies.

Today I have what you've all (or most of you, anyway) have been waiting for - the thirteenth chapter of Black Mirror (and on the 13th of June, how appropriate). If anyone here is new to the story I must warn you that reading this chapter will spoil the entirety of the story and I advise you NOT to click the linky below. If you do, its your loss/funeral/whatever. The whole story, from the beginning, is posted on my account at harrypotterfanfiction.com under the username: elegantphoenix. Any questions? I hope not, because I'm all jittery and wanna post the dang thing already :)


Title: Camisado
Adultery, Sexual Content
I am not and never will be JK Rowling, therefore I do not own nor do I profit from any of her works, characters, or settings.
She breathed him in, the scent of his cologne, of his lust, of his nervousness. He wanted her more than he’d wanted anything in his life, and she knew it without being telepathic, or even hearing him utter the words himself, but he was being placated from his actions by his conscience.

now let's get on with the storyCollapse )

makes you wanna sin again

Hello, one and all I am back for the summer!

I know it has been a near eternity since I last posted, but I promise you I'm here to stay for the next month and a half -- give or take a few days here and there. I will be continuing my Harry Potter Fan Fiction here while staff is away on their vacation, so keep your eyes open for updates. To all of my old readers: Chapter 13 is in progress as of late, but will be posted soon. To all of my new readers: welcome! :) The story/novel that is Black Mirror is about two of the newest (and my favorite) characters placed into the world of Harry Potter, and their fight for survival in a world based on lies and secrets, in which some characters are slightly OOC, and everything is a work of my brilliant imagination :D So keep an eye out for it, and the new story (SEQUEL, yay!) will be up mid-summertime.

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